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Shopping Centre security Melbourne: Supreme Security Services offer experienced, specialist security guards teams to provide shopping centre security solutions.


Retail shopping complexes around Melbourne receive millions of visitors annually and, as with any high volume location, there are serious security issues that can arise such as theft, threats or acts of violence, and emergency evacuations.

Given the unpredictable levels of traffic (both pedestrian and cars), and the continuous state of flux, shopping centres are considered to be unique and complex environments that require specialist security services in Melbourne. Providing a high level of security at Shopping Centre security Melbourne not only ensures the safety of customers, but also of the vendors and employees. Therefore, it is vital that security services are capable of responding to a wide range of requirements – from providing asset protection and deterring violence and disruption, to managing crisis situations.

SSP Security Guards Melbourne guarantee the highest level of service. As part of our service offerings, we offer static guarding and patrols. We have a strong commitment to ongoing team training to ensure you are being looked after by qualified and experienced Security Services Melbourne personnel at all times.

We work hand-in-hand with centre management and retailers to accommodate centre-specific policies. With every contract, we appoint a team manager to work closely with our client to develop a unique security solution.

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